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Planning beautiful weddings in Portugal is what I am really passionate about. I’m Silvia, born and raised in Venice, Italy, surrounded by art, fashion and design. I followed my passions to study in London where I embarked on my career working for international fashion brands in sales/distribution and PR.

Part of my artistic personality always made me very curious, which is why I’ve always been ready to pack a bag and set out on a new adventure. After ten years in the UK, I set off again via Milan and Dubai before settling here in Cascais with my husband and two children.

Travelling and experiencing different cultures really enriched me as a person. Being lucky enough to live in many parts of the world opens up your mind to new ideas and influences. It also gave me the chance to meet people from different cultures, religions and backgrounds, becoming more approachable and better at relating to others. These opportunities made me who I am today – a more grounded person on both a personal and professional level.

I like to think my personality comes across in my work, so I love planning elegant, sophisticated and fun weddings. I still have a passion for fine arts, music (I especially love jazz), decoration and any form of art in general.

I made the move into wedding planning after I helped my best friend plan her big day. I found that it perfectly suited my personality and passions, and gave me a great outlet to express my creative side, challenge myself and experiment. I aim to make all my weddings truly stunning, sophisticated and creative, and firmly believe that each wedding is a true one off, possessing its own unique beauty.

All of this really comes together in Portugal, thanks to the beautiful weather, incredible locations and affordability.

I look forward to working with you.


Silvia Interlenghi 

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